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Picture this.

You find your partner cute and charming... after 15 years.
You love your coworkers
Your boss and you are completely honest with each other.
Your friends are your rock and support.
You consider your family to be one of your greatest gifts.

A healthy relationship in any area of your life can make that area a joy. A painful relationship can make it a misery.


Which relationship do you want to improve? 


The good news is that you can design your relationships just like you can design your career, time, body, or any other area of your life. 


This involves:

  • Understanding your role that keeps the negative dynamics in place.

  • Inventing what the relationship could be.

  • Learning the perspective and experiences of the other person.

  • Working together with the other person to build a great relationship


I teach you how to master these steps and practice practice practice to build strong relationships in your life.


Success in life often hinges on having successful relationships, and so you can't afford NOT to become a relationship master.

Get individual coaching

Want indivdual attention? We meet one-on-one weekly or biweekly via phone or skype to precisely hone in on what you want to create in your life. We work on your career, relationships, personality, mental habits, body, family, or any other facet of your life that you want to address.

Join a group

Think your issues and roadblocks are unique to you? The truth is that we all struggle with basically the same things. Getting coached as part of a group allows you to learn from others and their progress inspires yours.


Groups meet over the phone, and can focus on:


Design your whole life

Invent your career

Build strong relationships

Become a master of time

How to succeed at graduate school


Cost: Varies

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