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Boost Your Career Course

Do you feel like you could use a bit of a boost in these skills?


I have combined concepts from executive coaching with basic neuroscience to teach you how to build a great career. I show you how to better use your greatest asset, your mindto work productively FOR your career.


In this 6-session course, you will learn how to:

Define your personal brand: What sort of superhero are you?

Articulate your vision: What do you really want?

Communicate with wisdom: How do you express yourself well?

Maintain yourself: How do you keep yourself tuned up and at your best?

Handle your emotions: What is the best way to eliminate distracting emotions?

Evolve your limiting beliefs: How do you expand what you think is possible?


Bonus sessions: The course also includes bonus "career perspectives" material:

Expert advice from two recruiters on how to be a stronger job candidate.

Professional perspectives from a veteran CIO on strategies for success.


This course is suited for job-seekers, those wishing to make a career change, and those wishing to take their current job to a new level.

During my career as a coach, I've seen many, many people just like you make meaningful, satisfying changes in their careers for one simple reason -- they chose to actually do something about it.
It was their choice to choose action over getting stuck "in their minds," and that made all the difference.


I invite you to choose action by joining this course. It will accelerate your career to a new level of fulfillment.


Hope to see you in August!

You have figured out how to do remarkable work.
But have you figured out how to have a remarkable career?
Six-session telecourse

Sessions on 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 9/2, 9/9, 9/16

8:30-9:30p EST


Participate live or listen to the audio files at your convenience.


Cost: $125


Limited capacity, so sign up to ensure your spot.

Let’s face it, you can be talented and work hard, but in order to build a career that knocks your socks off, you need something more: the ability to play to your strengths, the skills to share your ideas persuasively, and the capability to master your emotions before they master you.

After purchasing, you will receive an email

within 24 hours with course details.

What industry leaders have to say about Dr. Sutton

“Samantha’s coaching was both interesting and compelling. If you are not happy with the way your life is going or if you want to make positive change and take your career to the next level, this is a strategy well worth exploring.”

-- Gary Guttman, Chapter Chair, New York City Technology Executives Networking Group

“Samantha spoke directly to what I was doing – listening to her describe my inner dialogue spoke to me in a powerful way.  I didn't realize I was sabotaging myself in my employment search by believing negative things like ‘you can't reinvent yourself’, or  ‘you'll never be more than second in command.' Samantha showed me I wasn't dreaming big enough – I was too focused on just getting a job instead of stretching my wings and trying to fly higher.  The techniques and suggestions I learned will stay with me for a long time.”

-- Rebecca Woodall, Senior Director of Strategic Business Technology, New York, NY


"Samantha helped me become the 'hero' I always knew I had inside of me. This means that I bring happiness into work rather than trying to get happiness from work. I now bring joy, passion, and generosity to the party. Samantha is insightful, an assertive supporter, and a valuable partner through life."

-- Scot J., Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Providence, RI



"The presentation by Samantha Sutton was very well presented and I would definitely recommend attending to other professional job seekers. The concepts were easy to relate to, and I found the overall philosophy helpful in identifying creative, simple ways to overcome obstacles through action."

-- Jack Lebovic, Chief Information Officer (CIO), New York, NY



"My coaching with Samantha has made me a much more effective competitive academic scientist, allowing me to keep my creative edge by fully embracing the management challenges. For anyone who wants to be both a scientist and a leader, coaching is an effective, deep and personal way of tackling the core questions."

-- Jackie Gottlieb, Professor of Neuroscience, New York, NY

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