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Picture this.

You spend your days doing something you love and are brilliant at.
You have relationships that energize you.
You feel "on your game" and proud of the person you are.
You thoroughly enjoy the life you have built for yourself.
This life is yours for the taking. You just need to learn the tools to build it.

Engineers have figured out how to design and build incredible technologies. The same engineering tools can be used to design and build an incredible life. My life engineering methodology combines the scientific method, engineering design processes, and the insight and accountability of a coach to help you create a life you love.


We work together, side by side, to uncover what is important to you, build a plan to get it, conquer the obstacles in the way, and achieve results.

If you have never experienced life engineering before, it will be a radically new experience. Life engineering is action-oriented. You have homework. I lead by example. I hold you accountable for taking steps between our sessions. I am by your side, supporting you to take action and get results.


My coaching has been called: insightful, practical, rewarding, caring, challenging, bold, intuitive, concrete, and fun.


As your life engineer, I focus on the big picture of you. I will not rest until you have built a life that you thoroughly enjoy, which includes your relationships, career, health, mental diet, time mastery, home, community, and family.


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