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Samantha's Burning Man Packing List

Tent stuff and sleeping
  • Tent (I have a 2-person and 4-person if anyone would like to borrow). Note that you will need to store all your stuff in the tent, so a 2-person tent really is only appropriate for one person.

  • Tarp for under tent

  • Sunshade for over tent (Steve is figuring this one out. Contact him for more info at

  • Warm sleeping bag. I recommend one that is rated at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I have an extra if someone would like to borrow it.

  • Thermarest (I have an extra if someone would like to borrow).

  • Pillow (can buy cheaply in Reno if you don't want to pack).

  • Dark mask (sexy!)

  • Earplugs

  • Pee funnel (Samantha will provide. Let me know if you want one!). So here is the deal with this, yo. It can be a long walk to the port-a-potties in the middle of the night. You cannot, I repeat cannot, pee on the ground at Burning Man. The ground does not absorb water well, and it will turn into a muckity-muck and everyone will know you peed and it will be terrible. SO, you have three options: 

    • Don't drink water near bedtime (not a great idea because we are in the desert)

    • Schlep to the port-a-potties (keep an eye out for bikes. They might be drunk, and you will be groggy = bad combo)

    • Use a pee funnel into one of your empty water jugs.


  • 2 nylon "dunk bags": one to store daytime clothes, and one to store nightime clothes.

  • 1 large duffle bag (or camping backpack) to carry everything in.

  • A few gallon-sized ziploc bags.


  • Plate

  • Bowl

  • Mug (with a copy of your driver's license taped to it, if you plan on drinking alcohol).

  • Utensils

  • We will coordinate group food and cooking stuff in a separate email.


Toiletries and Showering
  • Biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, bodywash.

  • Tons of body sunscreen.

  • Bottle of face sunscreen.

  • Aloe after-sun gel (I will get this for our camp).

  • A pack of wet wipes. Can be used for bathing and wiping down dishes.

  • A few tubes of lip balm WITH SPF 15.

  • Melatonin (Samantha will bring. Good sleep aid).

  • Your pain killers of choice.

  • Any other personal toiletries you simply can't do without (women's products, etc).

  • Toothbrush.

  • (Samantha only) Oral Irrigator.

  • A solar shower bag (we probably only need 2-3 bags for Camp Rare Earth. Sam + Joe have one).

  • Quick dry camping towel.


Personal gadgets and gear
  • Cheap watch.

  • Headlamp with extra batteries.

  • Backup flashlight with extra batteries.

  • El wire (like this stuff).

  • Safety pins for el-wire.

  • DO NOT bring glow sticks. They make MOOP (matter out of place) and will make you clearly stick out as either a newbie or a narc.

  • Swiss Army knife (or equivalent).

  • Sand goggles (like these)

  • Sunglasses (2 pairs).

  • Bandana to use in event of dust storm.

  • Hat (broad-brimmed is best)

  • Cinch ties (Samantha brings for everyone)

  • Camelback or equivalent water pouch for your back. Samantha might have an extra. If you have a basket on your bike, you could also just bring Nalgene bottles or the equivalent.


Bike goodies
  • Bike light (Front and back)

  • Bike lock

  • Bike swag


Daytime clothes

It gets above 100 degrees F during the day, so bear this in mind! Flowy clothes are nice, and it's good to have some clothes that cover your body to keep the unrelenting sun off. I wear a combo of skimpy minimal outfits, with some of these flowy covering ones thrown in.


  • Fun outfits

  • Socks, bras, undies to match.

  • Shoes that cover your feet. You don't want to wear sandals or flip-flops, because you can get Playa foot (limestone dust mixes with sweat and turns alkaline). That being said, some people go barefoot and say they have no problem. I wear my Vibram 5-fingers. Some people wear boots.

  • 1 "normal outfit," sealed in a plastic bag, to be worn on the plane ride home. Can keep them in your car.


Nighttime clothes

Depending on the year, it can get really cold at night (close to freezing). Best to err on the side of coooold.


  • Warm hat 

  • Warm coat. Fur coats like this one are very popular.

  • Boots or other warm-ish shoes.

  • Cool pants or jeans

  • Cool long-sleeved tops.

  • Gloves/mittens

  • Polar fleece tops and bottoms (or sweat suit)

  • Long underwear (tops and bottoms, to be worn under the fleece or sweat suit).

  • Layers are your friend.

  • Socks for sleeping

  • Socks for wearing in your shoes.


  • Your ticket and vehicle pass.

  • Print-out of directions to get to Black Rock City (may not have cell service).

  • Print out of all travel itineraries (remember, you won't have electronics).

  • Don't bring anything that you would miss if it gets clogged with the ultra-fine playa dust. Many people bring their iPhones to take pictures, and that seems to work ok. I bring my old digital camera.

  • Book, journal, watercolors, or other personal pastimes.

  • (TBD) Whatever goodies you need to bring to host whatever seminars you might be hosting for Clutch Village.

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