Career Engineering

Build Your Own Brand From the Inside Out


Two-hour workshop


Each person has a certain “way of being” that is well known by everyone around them. That is their personal brand. In this interactive workshop, Dr. Sutton leads participants on an intriguing and insightful journey to identify their innate personal brands, and build a strategy to develop that brandso it can be used in a competitive job market.


Participants leave the workshop with:

  • a definition of their personal brand

  • a plan to build that brand through educational and leadership opportunities

  • the ability to make key decisions that align with their brand.


This workshop shows participants how to live their daily lives from the most exquisite version of themselves, and have that reflected back in the results they get.


The workshop includes:

Strong Personal Brand


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Samantha Sutton, Ph.D. is a life coach, career coach, relationship coach, and executive coach. Samantha is committed to helping her clients achieve successful, passionate careers, find love, fix marriages, build strong relationships, master time management, develop their minds to overcome limiting thinking and emotions like anxiety or anger, change bad habits and create new ones, or take on any goal. Samantha works with clients in New York City (NYC), Boston, Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco (SF), Chicago, Toronto, Massachusetts (MA), California (CA), Pennsylvania (PA), Texas (TX), Washington, DC, London, and all over the world.