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Free Teleseminar

"You already did the hardest things you’ll ever do, learn to walk and speak, before the age of 5. After that, everything else is do-able."

-- Unknown

One of the greatest joys in life is having a career that you love.


You probably already know this, which is why you are reading about this teleseminar! 


You are ready to make a change. Maybe you want to tweak your path within your organization. Maybe you want to change companies. Maybe you want to change careers completely. And maybe you plain out don't know what you want.


No matter the shift you want to make, there are very real steps you can take to get there.


In this one-hour free teleseminar, we will get you started. We will look at what a fulfilling career means to you, where you are stuck, and devise real strategies for moving forward TODAY!


The call will be interactive, with the opportunity for you to be coached live, if you choose (not required). You will meet a community of like-minded folks, and will be inspired by their stories... which don't sound very different than yours!


Come join me to learn how to build a career that knocks your socks off.


Excited to meet you,

Thursday, May 22
9-10p EST


Limited capacity of 25 participants

Recording available if you prefer to listen later.

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