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I provide a custom-tailored experience to help you engineer a compelling vision for your career and leadership, overcome any challenges in the way, and attain results that make you happy and proud.


I help you build the following crucial components of a successful career:

Your Great Career

Paradigm shifts
Personal strengths
Inspired vision
Relationship engineering
Private offerings

I offer different packages to respond to different needs. Please click the link below to set up a free consultation to learn more.

I work with you to:


Find a career you love

You are ready for something different in your career, but aren't sure exactly what. You need help figuring out what is most important to you, what career would jazz you up, and what options are possible given your skill set and work history.


Get your groove back

You want to feel excited about your career again... but right now, you are feeling bored, bummed, and burnt out. You are ready to shake things up at work, make some changes, and feel alive again.


Be a superstar at work

You want to grow yourself to bring your A game to your current role. This may be to become a powerful and agile CEO, a confident and insightful professor, an empathetic manager, or a dazzlingly creative designer. You are probably already quite successful, and want to go from great to superb.


Shift from "stressed" to "sublime"

You feel anxious, stressed, and chronically behind. You are over-booked, over-worked, and know that you will never see the end of your To Do list. You need to shift how you approach work so you can create space to thrive, and feel a sense of calm, pride, and accomplishment.


Engineer great relationships

You want to become a masterful relationship-builder. Maybe you have a few painful relationships that you want to fix. Or maybe you want to improve your communication and relationship skills to make you a better leader at work. Whatever the reason, you are ready to get serious about building great relationships.


Develop grit and the ability to follow-through

You are tired putting off what you know you should be doing. It is starting to have an impact on your career. You need a kick in the butt and a new approach to building grit and determination to overcome the animal mind. You want a sense of pride in what you can accomplish, and the self-confidence that comes from following through.

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