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Education Engineering

100% of Ph.D. students are trained to become academics.
Only 10% will become one.
It's time to rethink graduate education.

Our Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows have the potential to commercialize revolutionary technologies, make science accessible to the public, reform governments, educate future generations, and solve diverse problems across the public and private sector.


And yet, many are not taught the tools to apply their education to this diverse array of careers.


They are trained by academics to become academics, and often feel embarassed to admit that they would like pursue different careers.  They don't know what careers are possible, or how to design a graduate education that will prepare them for those careers. 


I have developed a set of tools based on rigorous engineering design principles that have helped hundreds of graduate students engineer a career that allows them to truly take on the world... in the role that is exactly right for them.

Places where I've taught Career Engineering

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