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Career Engineering

Find a Career You Love Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Meets Mondays: Nov. 23 and 30, and Dec. 7 and 14 

8:00 – 9:00p EST


Recordings are available if you need to miss a session.


Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Do you want a career that you are more passionate about... but aren't sure what exactly that career would be?


Have you completed one chapter of your career... and are not sure what the next one should look like?


Are you feeling bored, bummed, or burnt out with your current job... and know it's time to make a change?


Do you want a job that is meaningful and fulfilling... and uses your unique skills and talents?


Eight years ago, I followed my passions to make the switch from Ph.D. science to life engineering. It was one of the most terrifying and yet exciting things I have ever done. I have never felt more creative, inspired, happy, and in love with each day of my life.


I want that for you, too. I have helped thousands of individuals find a career they love, and have distilled that knowledge into my flagship course, the Find a Career You Love Course.


I leverage state-of-the-art engineering design principles to help you engineer one of the most important aspects of your life: your career.


This is the fastest and most effective way I know of to get you into a career you love.

The course employs a powerful combination of:


Your Great Career


If you are feeling stuck in your career, you probably need more than just a personality test and an updated LinkedIn profile.


You need a career bootcamp.


You need an immersive experience that shows you how to explore yourself and your options, think differently about your career, take bold actions, and get results.


The Engineer Your Career Course is an intensive program that pushes you deal with the real issues in your career, and emerge victorious.


It consists of the powerful combination of:


Weekly live group coaching. 

Learn the tools to design your career


Weekly assignments

Use the tools to get results.


Weekly individual feedback. 

Get the customized coaching you need to move forward.


A buddy system for community support.

Be inspired and held accountable for action.


A robust engineering toolkit. 

Learn tools that you can use for the rest of your life. 


You will gain:


A rigorous approach to finding and evaluating exciting careers.

A fresh (and startling) perspective on who you truly are.

A clearer picture of what excites you and what you value.

An ability to pull yourself out of your rut and into action.

Accountability for putting it all into practice and getting viable career options.

An immersive bootcamp that gets results

In six weeks, you will catapult yourself into an exciting new career trajectory.


Week 1: Find your core superpowers

Most of us don't understand our true strengths, and thus can't objectively identify career possibilties. Our first order of business in this course is for you to identify and appreciate your unique collection of "superpower" talents.


Week 2: Fix your current job

If you are not enjoying your current job, these feelings can taint your perception of the entire field. I show you how to improve the status quo at your current job so that you can not only enjoy your job more, but get an objective perspective.


Week 3: Passion, demystified

We each have gut instincts for what we enjoy doing, but this voice can get lost in the mental chatter of our daily lives. I show you how to hear this voice of passion, and teach you an unambiguous scoring system for evaluating career options.


Week 4: Hunt down career options

Now that you understand yourself and your passions more clearly, we turn our focus outwards to hunt down job possibilities. I teach you a robust engineering design process to identify and evaluate job options.


Week 5: Thwart your obstacles

As you begin to gather career possibilities, you will face obstacles like self-doubt, logistical considerations, overwhelm, indecisiveness, and feeling stuck. I show you tools to cut through these stumbling points, and move powerfully forward.


Week 6: Action plan for success

We tie together your learning from the past five weeks to create an action plan for how to use the tools moving forward to bring your dream career across the finish line.

Course schedule

What past participants have to say about the course

"Taking part in this course and working with Samantha has been a joy and highlight of my career search thus far."


"This course should be mandatory for anyone who ever wants a career. It teaches the tools needed to really get to know yourself and what makes you tick. Samantha guides you to a place where job ideas start flowing and you can evaluate them as easily as you would a dinner menu."

"I have been complaining about my professional misery to anyone who will listen (including two other career coaches and a therapist) for over a year now.  I can say with confidence that Samantha's background makes her a perfect career coach.  She has turned on more light bulbs for me than I can count.  So, thank you!"


"The course was good at creating accountability, providing unique and useful tools to use each week (at a nice moderate pace), and giving us ideas after hearing from both Samantha and other participants to get our creative juices flowing and to finally take action!"


"It help sort out ideas for me, made me recognize that I am not alone on this journey, enabled me to pinpoint some of my passions and it gave me the tools to finding a career that I love for myself."


"This course is an opportunity to probe deep into your own passions and dreams, in an atmosphere of growth, surrounded by a group of similarly-situated women and supported by a coach who has personally benefitted from the program in finding her own path."

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