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Relationship Engineering

How to have a great relationships with your PI and others


Two-hour workshop


A student's relationships with their advisor, thesis committee, colleagues, and peers play a large role in their academic success. And yet, our graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and PIs receive little or no training in how to design these relationships.


We have built a toolkit for just this purpose, which we teach during a two-hour interactive workshop.


We challenge participants to perform an honest evaluation of their relationships, and teach how to greatly improve troublesome ones. Participants learn the tools to resolve issues with grace and to build strong partnerships no matter how “quirky” the other person may seem. Participants then practice their skills via an hour of role-plays.


The workshop includes:

Great Relationships


Participants leave the workshop with:

  • the ability to articulate what is important to them in a relationship.

  • a clear understanding of the steps they can take to improve the relationship.

  • a method for having “renovation conversations” to build relationships.


Participants gain a set of tangible tools to shift their relationships to be a source of pride.


Our workshops have been designed to offer participants a concrete set of tools that they can use immediately to innovate their careers, relationships, and overall performance. The programs create an upbeat, engaging environment where both active volunteers and reserved listeners achieve results.


We also offer customizable half-day, full-day, and multi-part workshops.

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