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Picture this.

You nail your targets, quarter after quarter.
Your employees love working with you.
You are a strong visionary for your team.
Your boss brags about you.
You have enough time to get everything done.
You are darn proud of yourself.

Your job is to be a leader. But what does that mean? Where does leadership come from? To be an agile, innovative leader on the outside you need to create who you are on the inside. Your first and most important job is to become an expert in knowing and building yourself. To do that, you need to:


Create a brilliant life, according to you

As much as we might not like to admit it, all of the facets of our lives DO impact each other. It is difficult to lead a powerful meeting at work when you had a knock-out fight with your partner the night before. It is challenging to feel confident about yourself in front of your employees when you are not proud of your body, or you are not feeling healthy. To perform well in your career, then, you also need to address the rest of your life. In executive coaching, we combine elements of science, engineering, and coaching to help you create a great life, by your own definition, from which you can then lead with strength and confidence.


Invent yourself as a person

As a leader, you need to have a strong character so that you make decisions based on principle. To build that solidness, we teach you to take a deep look at who you are, and who you want to be. Each facet of your personality can be an asset in certain circumstances and a liability in others, and so we show you how to design when to use each one. We also teach how to cultivate new characteristics, and put the brakes on self-sabotaging ones. The end result is that you define and achieve a personal character that enables you to powerfully lead the way in your professional and private lives.


Build your relationships

Strong leadership means investing in strong relationships, and yet most of us invest in ways that are only inch-deep. In executive coaching, we teach you how to build strong relationships that are based on genuine care. We teach how to skillfully navigate difficult situations, from a vantage point of curiosity instead of conviction. We show you how to have honest conversations about that elephant in the room, and resolve issues with dexterity. The end result is strong relationships that allow you to exceed your business and personal goals.


We teach you how to master these three aspects of building your SELF, which will then provide a strong inner platform from which to lead on the outside.

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