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My job as your coach is to make sure that you cut through the noise of your daily life in order to see clearly the type of leader you want to be, the life you want to live, and how to get there.


My methodology combines the analytical rigor and design processes of engineering disciplines with the insight and accountability of executive coaching. We use a systems-level approach to leadership and life development, focusing on developing you as a whole individual so that you can bring you most visionary, collaborative, and evolved self to your role and to your life.


I offer a methodology that combines the following components:



Paradigm shifts
Personal strengths
Inspired vision
Relationship engineering
Executive offerings

I offer different packages to respond to different needs. Please click the link below to set up a free consultation to learn more.

I work with you to:


Invent yourself as a leader

You want to grow yourself to bring your A+ game to your current role. This may be to become a powerful and agile CEO, a confident and insightful professor, an empathetic manager, or a dazzlingly creative designer. I teach you to take a deep look at who you are, and who you want to be. Each facet of your personality can be an asset in certain circumstances and a liability in others, and so we show you how to design when to use each one. We also teach how to cultivate new characteristics, and put the brakes on self-sabotaging ones. The end result is that you define and achieve a personal character that enables you to powerfully lead the way.


Engineer the rest of your life

As much as you might not like to admit it, all of the facets of your life DO impact each other. It is difficult to lead a powerful meeting at work when you had a knock-out fight with your partner the night before. It is challenging to feel confident about yourself in front of your employees when you are not proud of your body. In order to perform well in your career, I show you how to create a great whole life from which you can lead with strength and confidence.


Shift from "stressed" to "sublime"

You feel anxious, stressed, and chronically behind. You are over-booked, over-worked, and know that you will never see the end of your To Do list. I shift how you approach work so you can create space to thrive, and feel a sense of calm, pride, and accomplishment.


Engineer great relationships

Strong leadership means cultivating strong relationships. Maybe you have a few painful relationships that you want to fix, or maybe you want to improve your overall communication and relationship skills. I teach you how to become a masterful relationship-builder, and how to skillfully navigate difficult situations from a vantage point of curiosity instead of conviction. The end result is strong relationships that allow you to excel at work and in life.


Develop grit and the ability to follow-through

You are tired putting off what you know you should be doing. It is starting to have an impact on your career. I offer a kick in the butt and a new approach to building grit and determination to overcome the animal mind. You will emerge with a sense of pride in what you can accomplish, and the self-confidence that comes from following through.


Make the impossible possible

You are facing challenges that seem daunting. You know the hill you want to climb, but it seems so darn steep. And rocky. You know that now is the time for you to dig deep and hold strong to the vision of what could be possible. I teach you how to cultivate the mile-high view and how to be a profound source of inspiration for yourself and your team.

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