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Career Engineering

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Find a Career You Love Course

You want a career that you are passionate about.
You are tired of feeling unsatisfied with your current job.
You are ready for a change.

The Find a Career You Love course is a bootcamp for your career

Individual Coaching

Get the insights you need to move forward

Community Support

Be inspired and held

accountable for action.

Live Sessions

Meet with Samantha weekly via webinar.

Robust toolkit

Learn tools you can use for life.

"Taking part in this course and working with Samantha has been a joy and highlight of my career search thus far."
"This course should be mandatory for anyone who ever wants a career."
"This is a step-by-step, guide-you-through-the-darkness, open-your-eyes-to-the-truth kind of class."

What past participants have to say

"I have been complaining about my professional misery to anyone who will listen (including two other career coaches and a therapist) for over a year now.  I can say with confidence that Samantha's background makes her a perfect career coach."
"It's a course about self discovery, getting out of your own way and arming you with a robust methodical action plan to finding a career you love."
"This course is an opportunity to probe deep into your own passions and dreams, surrounded by a group of similarly-situated participants."


of participants surveyed felt the course helped them pinpoint their passions.


of participants surveyed felt the course helped them get unstuck in their career.

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Duration: 7 weeks
Session 1: Several dates available (click button below).
Sessions 2-7: Mondays Jan. 18, 25; Feb. 1, 8, 22, 29
8:00 – 9:00p EST
Recordings are available if you need to miss a session.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Or your money back

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Course details

Course results

A clear picture of what excites you and what you value.
A proven approach to finding and evaluating exciting careers.
A fresh (and startling) perspective on who you truly are.
Accountability for putting it all into practice and finding viable career options.

Eight years ago, I followed my passions to make the switch from Ph.D. science to life engineering. It was one of the most terrifying and yet exciting things I have ever done. I have never felt more creative, inspired, happy, and in love with each day of my life.



I want that for you, too. I have helped thousands of individuals find a career they love, and have distilled that knowledge into my flagship course, Find a Career You Love.



I leverage state-of-the-art engineering design principles to help you engineer one of the most important aspects of your life: your career.



This is the fastest and most effective way I know of to get you into a career you love.


It would be my privilege and honor to work with you.

My story

Try out the first session for free

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