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Tackle your core questions

"My coaching with Samantha has made me a much more effective competitive academic scientist, allowing me to keep my creative edge by fully embracing the management challenges. For anyone who wants to be both a scientist and a leader, coaching is an effective, deep and personal way of tackling the core questions."


-- Jackie G. 

Professor of Neuroscience, New York, NY

Direct, logical, and scientific approach

"Samantha’s seminar for MIT students was excellent! Her approach to 'life engineering' appealed to our engineering and science students because she spoke their language. Her own experience conducting lab research in biological engineering gave her direct, logical and scientific approach extra credibility. She asked the students to approach their life goals as they would an experiment and that engaged the audience completely."


-- Katie M.

Director, Parents Association & Student/Alumni Relations, MIT


Compassionate and challenging

"Samantha combines a deep love of her clients with a engineer's way of thinking critically and solving problems. She is compassionate, and challenged me to set personal expectations higher by searching for creative solutions. She really wants her clients to live their most amazing life and be their happiest, their most successful and their highest version of themselves."


-- Juliana R. 

BS MIT 2008, Newport News, VA

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