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Picture this.

Your boss is your greatest ally.
You find your partner wonderfully charming... after 15 years.
You enjoy your coworkers.
Your friends are your rock and support.
You consider your family to be one of your greatest gifts.

A healthy relationship in any area of your life can make that area a joy. A painful relationship can make it a misery.


Which relationship do you want to improve? 


The good news is that you can engineer your relationships just like you can engineer your career, time, body, or any other area of your life. I will challenge you to perform an honest evaluation of you relationships, and teach how to greatly improve troublesome ones. You will learn the tools to resolve issues with grace and to build strong partnerships no matter how “quirky” the other person may seem.


This involves:

  • Understanding your role that keeps the negative dynamics in place.

  • Inventing what the relationship could be.

  • Learning the perspective and experiences of the other person.

  • Working together with the other person to "prototype" and build a great relationship.


I teach you how to master these steps and build strong relationships in your life.

Private offerings

I offer different packages to respond to different needs. Please click the link below to set up a free consultation to learn more.

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