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Three Tips for becoming a Master Love-er this Valentine's Day

Regardless of if you are a Valentine’s Day gusher or grinch, today is a great day to focus on love. Can’t we all use a few tips on how to love deeper, stronger, truer... to become more of a Master Love-er?

Here are three love tips that I swear by:

1. Break the long-term relationship blahs: Be curious.

When you spend time with your partner, what percentage of your attention to you give him/her? Be honest. Are you focused on them 100%, understanding how they are feeling and what is going on in their world?

Or are you only 50% there, while the other 50% thinks about your upcoming presentation at work, or planning what you will do this weekend?

If you are the latter, then you are missing out! You may even have lost sight of just how unique and special your “one” is. Take the opportunity tonight to focus on your love 100%. You will be surprised at how, the more curious you are, the more dazzling your partner will become.

2. Hear how your partner says “I love you."

Ever had a Valentine’s Day that was disappointing because your partner didn’t seem “romantic” enough?

I have found that that is often not because the other person isn’t being romantic, but because they share their love in a different way than you do.

For example, I show that I love someone by being curious and asking them a lot of questions. On the other hand, I am not usually a very good gift-giver. My partner Joe is a different story: he shows he loves me by doing things for me, like picking up toilet paper at the store if he knows I am running low, or giving me advice on my business.

The key to having a great Valentine’s Day is to understand how your partner expresses love, and listen to them speaking it. Even if Joe doesn’t always ask me questions about my day, I notice how he takes care of me by picking a restaurant I love, or turning on my seat-warmer in the car. When I see those gestures for what they are, they make my heart flutter.

How does your partner express their love?

3. Rev up your love engine: Spread the love all day!

Being loving is not just reserved for your special person! Make it your goal to be a Cupid of sorts in your own day. If you share a bit of love and care with each person you meet, it will not only feel great but also get you warmed up for your romantic evening. If you’ve been stressed and grouchy all day, it’s far harder to ignite a passionate night on a cold engine.

Which tip are YOU going to practice today, in honor of being a Master Love-er?

A blog by Samantha Sutton, Ph.D., life coach, career coach, executive coach.

Image courtesy of Josefina Herrera

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