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In honor of Flag Day: What flag are YOU raising?

This Saturday, June 14, is one of my favorite holidays: US Flag Day.

I don't love it because I am a patriot, or because I feel an affinity for the colors of red, white and blue.

I love flag day because it represents taking a stand for something.

When the flag of the United States was first sewn back in 1777, it was a symbol of the unification of 13 colonies to form a larger whole. This unification stood for freedom, liberty, and justice; it represented the dreams of tens of thousands of patriots who wanted a better life.

Sounds familiar, right? You have dreams and visions, too. It's time for you to hoist your own flag for the life you want!

What does it mean to hoist a flag?

1. Visualize exactly what you want.

Like our founding fathers, you need to get specific about what your new nation will look like. What new job do you want? What is the partner you are looking for like? What is a slim and healthy body to you? Call it out, IN DETAIL!

2. Understand why it is meaningful to you.

Our founding fathers didn't just form a new country for the heck of it. They wanted to live in a country that was based on ideals that were deeply meaningful and important to them. Why is YOUR dream meaningful to you? Why do you want to meet the love of your life? Why do you want a career you love? By answering these questions, you will get down to the core of what is important to you. When you look at your flag, you will feel that purpose stir inside you.

3. Tell everyone.

As legend has it, on June 14, 1777, the US Army brazenly hoisted the flag above its camp for the first time. They raised it high for everyone to see, even their enemies, the British. There was no question of what they were fighting their battles for. The flag said it all. Are you hoisting your flag? Or are you hiding it safely in a bunker? The more you broadcast your dreams to the people in your life, the stronger you will relate to it and rally behind it. You will see your mindset start to shift. Try it out and see for yourself: tell 3 people today about your secret dream.

4. Use it to get you through the hard times.

You know that good ol' US national anthem? Any idea what those lyrics about ramparts and perilous fights are all about? It's about someone waking up in the morning to see that the flag is still flying. That the battle is not over, that the dream can still happen, that you are still holding on to that vision for a better life. Sound familiar? As we go after our dreams, it can be so tempting to get discouraged and give up. But look at your flag, remember why you are battling in the first place, pick yourself up, and carry on.

5. Be proud.

Your flag is uniquely you. It may not be the prettiest one out there, or the most prolific, but it is yours. A vivid representation of who you are and what is important to you. Only you could fly that flag.

What does your flag look like? Come join me in raising it up today!


Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

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