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A Powerful End to a Powerful Year: Come Celebrate Your 2014


Each year is a precious opportunity to design the story of your life.

The way I think about it, the life you led this year will influence every moment of every year you have left on this planet.

It's a scary, inspiring, and overwhelming thought, isn't it?

So come join me and consecrate this powerful 2014. Let's take stock and understand what you created with this year. It is a way to relish, to celebrate, to learn, and to deal with yourself and your path through life in a profound way.

Take 10 minutes out of your busy holiday schedule to find a quiet place and answer these questions:

  1. What did my life look like when I started this year?

  2. What did I create this year? How is my life different today than it was at the beginning of the year? What am I proud of having built this year?

  3. What relationships flourished this year?

  4. What challenges did I conquer?

  5. What is one thing that I learned to appreciate about myself this year?

  6. What do I feel disappointed about? What didn't happen that I wish would have happened?

  7. What lessons did I learn this year that I want to make sure I take forward with me into 2015?

These questions, while simple, are powerful. Dig deep inside yourself and tell the truth about each one of them.

If you are coming up with blanks for some of these questions, consider that you probably aren't giving yourself permission to really play and explore the year... so please do!

I also know it can be tempting to feel ashamed or to beat yourself up if 2014 didn't go exactly as you had hoped it would. Please resist that urge! Remember that life is a long game, not a short one: if you didn't create the life you wanted this year, know that 2014 is probably setting you up to have that life in the future. How can you learn from 2014 to make sure that 2015 is a success?

I will be back before the New Year with a blog about how to design your 2015. In the meantime, my homework for you is this 2014 consecration exercise. It will be your most rewarding 10 minutes all month, I promise.

Happy Holidays!

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