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Powerfully wrap up your 2015: Celebrate!

Not once, not twice, but three times in the last day I asked someone what were their proudest moments of 2015.

And each time, the person looked at me like I had asked them to derive Einstien's theory of relativity.

Here’s the thing, folks: you just spent 1.2% of your life this year. That is a serious chunk, if you think about it. For those 365 precious days, you were busy creating the life you lived. Sure, your kids had a hand in it, your spouse had a hand in it, your boss had a hand in it. But at the end of the day, you were the one who got final say in how you experienced your life this year.

So what are you proud of having created?

Forget, for a moment, all of the things you wish you would have created, and didn’t. Yes, you over-achievers out there, I am talking to you. I want to hear what you crushed this year.

Why? So that it will grow your confidence in yourself. So that it will empower you to take on even more next year. So that you can tell a story of your life that you love.

So let’s do it! Here are eight questions to get your creative juices flowing. Set aside 15 minutes to go through them, jot some notes, and simply savor this experience of celebrating you!

  1. What were your three happiest moments this year? Close your eyes and relive them for a moment. Delicious.

  2. What is one relationship that grew stronger this year? What is it like to feel this way about this person?

  3. What is one audacious goal that you accomplished this year? Something that seemed hard or unlikely. And you crushed it.

  4. What is one "superpower" of yours that you really let loose to this year? What were you able to create with this superpower?

  5. What is one new habit you have started this year that really "works" for you?

  6. What skill or talent you learned or strengthened this year? How do other people benefit from this talent?

  7. What is one priority that you are proud of having prioritized this year?

  8. What is one way in which you took a stand for yourself and what you wanted… even if it was hard? And how does it feel to reap the benefits?

If you’re anything like most of my clients, this list will help you see that you had a pretty darn good 2015. For me, I had to cap myself at an hour to do this exercise. Once I started writing, I wanted to go on and on… it just felt so good.

So give yourself a gift this holiday season: wrap up your 2015 with a warm blanket of celebration for all that you have created with it. I dare you to do this exercise and not feel confident, proud, and darn grateful.

And stay tuned for my next blog, coming out at the end of December, in how to design your 2016.

In celebration,

Image courtesy of Randen Pedersen

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