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Find a Career You Love

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Do you want a career that you are passionate about?
Have you completed one chapter of your career and are ready to design the next?
Are you feeling bored or burnt out with your current job and want a change?


Eight years ago, I followed my passions to make the switch from Ph.D. science to life engineering. It was one of the most terrifying and yet exciting things I have ever done. I have never felt more creative, inspired, happy, and in love with each day of my life.


I want that for you, too. I have helped thousands of individuals find a career they love, and have distilled that knowledge into my flagship course, the Find a Career You Love Course.


I leverage state-of-the-art engineering design principles to help you engineer one of the most important aspects of your life: your career.


This is the fastest and most effective way I know of to get you into a career you love.

In this webinar:


We'll combine powerful engineering principles with life coaching tools to give you the ability to make the changes you want!




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"Taking part in this webinar led me to the course and working with Samantha has been a joy and highlight of my career search thus far."

"This webinar should be mandatory for anyone who ever wants a career."

"The webinar was good at creating accountability, providing unique and useful tools to use each week (at a nice moderate pace),"

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